Monday, August 9, 2010

25 Months Ago: Day 12

DAY 12 – July 9, 2008

When I first met Reuben, he had his hair braided and he looked very sleek and no-nonsense. When I bumped into again, some days or weeks before the start of the shoot, his hair was unbraided. I thought the unbraided hair made him look younger and more casual.

For this reason, Reuben would have his hair unbraided to play his younger self in flashback scenes, of which there were three to be filmed today.

The first was of the young Terrance quitting his job. The second was a brief interview scene. The third was a college office scene with John Sindoni.

Then, with moody lighting, we filmed several closeups of Sindoni – lines of dialogue as well as cutaway reaction shots – that had been missed on Day 2.

We also got a shot of Karyus's character being interviewed.

Not a lot to say here, as all of these scenes were quick and simple to shoot.

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