Wednesday, September 22, 2010

12 Months Ago: Day 29

DAY 29 – September 22, 2009

Yup, another year passed before I shot any more footage.

Since September 2008, I'd been cutting the movie together. By June 2009, I had a rough cut completed.

Several elements were still missing. The animated dream sequence was represented only by onscreen text explaining what the visuals would be. Temp music from my CD collection was used in place of an original score. And several voice-only characters were represented by my own voice, which I was planning to replace later with other actors.

On Wednesday, June 10, I showed the rough cut to the Rochester Film Lab. One of the filmmakers present was artist Frank Kielar, who later volunteered to provide the missing animation.

On Saturday, June 27 – almost the one-year anniversary of the first day of shooting – I had a small screening for most of the main cast, allowing the actors to see the fruits of their efforts.

With the movie roughly assembled, I was able to clearly see what holes needed to be plugged. By September, I was ready to get pickup shots.

I spent the third weekend of September attending Independent Film Week, a filmmaking conference held in New York City. I stayed with my friend Greg Draves, and he accompanied me to the airport as I headed home on Tuesday, September 22.

On the way, Greg performed as an actor in a brief cutaway that I would use in the film. I wanted the Empire State Building visible in the background, to clearly sell the fact that this was actually shot in New York. In the actual shot, the Empire State Building isn't that prominent, but the UN building is, and there are yellow cabs going by, all of which says NYC just as clearly.

So now the film was shot in NYC as well as Rochester and Buffalo!

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