Monday, September 27, 2010

12 Months Ago: Day 31

DAY 31 – September 27, 2009

Several offscreen characters were represented in the rough cut by my own voice. This was adequate for editing purposes, but for the finished film I would need a wider variety of actors in these roles.

I'd worked with Keith Jurgens on the short film “Enter the Dagon”, which featured his deep voice as a narrator, so it made sense to cast him as the voice of a TV reporter who contributes exposition in the opening scene.

Keith's material, like Meredith's the day before, was recorded in my small apartment, and I know that at least one recording break was required to wait for the noise of my refrigerator to stop. Welcome to the glamorous world of low-budget filmmaking.

And with that, most of the offscreen voices had now been re-recorded, although my own voice would still remain in place performing the role of an operator's voice on a payphone.

But there was one more voice I still needed to get – Josh's stepmom, still represented in the rough cut by my own silly voice.

Tomorrow, this would be remedied.

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