Monday, September 6, 2010

25 Months Ago: Day 21

DAY 21 - August 6, 2008

Wednesday night. A relatively short shoot that began with J.D. and I meeting up at Lugia's, an ice cream stand in Spencerport.

I left my car at the Lugia's parking lot, and J.D. and I went back and forth along Route 531 to get some nighttime shots of J.D.'s character, Josh, driving. As before, J.D. drove while I filmed him from various angles.

As I recall, J.D. only had a couple scripted lines of dialogue here, in which he spoke to the unseen voices that were urging him on.

There was still a nighttime driving scene between J.D. and Reuben that needed to be filmed, and I had J.D. ad-lib some lines to a non-present Reuben just in case the latter scene proved impossible to shoot for some reason.

We also stopped in an unlit, pitch-black section of Route 531 so that I could stand by the side of the road and film J.D. pulling the van over.

Apart from that, I don't remember a hell of a lot about this shoot, perhaps because there wasn't a hell of a lot to remember. It was relatively simple.

The next shoot would be a lot busier.

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