Saturday, September 18, 2010

25 Months Ago: Day 26

DAY 26 - August 18, 2008

While searching for a suitable locale for the cafe scene (which we shot back on Day 9), I learned that one Rochester cafe, Equal=Grounds, was closed on Mondays. It later occurred to me that this would therefore be an ideal time and place to shoot a scene of Liz and Reuben's characters, Laurel and Terrance, having an argument outside – since this cafe was closed, we wouldn't be in anyone's way.

This scene wasn't absolutely essential to the plot, but it was a good character moment between Laurel and Terrance and I was glad to be able to film it. The scene didn't appear in earlier drafts, but I added it after feedback from blogger John Nolte, who I met at a film festival; after reviewing the script, he felt that there was a lack of conflict in the story at this point, so I wrote this scene establishing Terrance's resistance to the epic quest that he's been dragged into.

There was no lack of traffic at the corner where we were filming, which caused some sound problems. We were losing light as well. Nonetheless, we got the scene done.

After this, I got a quick audio-only line reading from Liz for an earlier scene, to fill a missing gap in the Day 17 shoot. In that scene, Laurel is asked to join the quest, and she gets excited … and leaves. I had Liz record a line (which would be dubbed over the scene) saying “I'll get my stuff.”

(Oddly, this parallels a scene in The Muppet Movie, one of this film's influences. Kermit and Fozzie ask Miss Piggy to join them on their journey to Hollywood. She gets worked up emotionally, and suddenly runs away. Baffled, Kermit and Fozzie shrug and go on their way … not realizing that Miss Piggy had gone to pack her suitcase.)

With this line recorded, and the argument scene filmed, all of Liz's scenes in the movie were now completed. Of the lead actors, only J.D. and Reuben had scenes still to film.

The end was in sight.

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